Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Party Isn't Over When You Get Healthy

The longer we are following our healthy lifestyle, the easier it is and the best part is we now actually enjoy it. Our first step in getting to that happy place was to change our attitude.
At first, it may look like we had to give up everything (wine, chocolate, bacon) to lose weight and get healthy, but what we gained from those changes is much more meaningful and satisfying. The reason we should eat is to keep the body healthy and strong, and a healthy body leads to a happy mind! Not only has our body changed, but our mind has changed as well.
 We are gladly giving those things up as we experience how our body feels after healthier meals.
It didn’t cross our mind that working out was something we would look forward to. During the first few weeks of exercise, our body and mind rebelled against our new workouts and we wondered if we would have get used to it or enjoy it..
Like healthy eating, however, exercise actually became easier over time and now we look forward to it every day.  Well most days.  Cold 5 am mornings are still a bit of a challenge.
Here's what can happen when you make exercise a regular part of your life:
 Exercise can help with diabetes, heart disease, depression, anxiety and high cholesterol, as well as protect our bodies from some types of cancer.
We are more alert, focused and not dragging towards the end of the day.
We are so blessed to live in this corner of paradise with so many amazing beautiful beaches.  Imagine waves gently crashing along the shore, sunlight streaming through the beautiful fluffy clouds and kilometres of seemingly-endless sand joining the horizon.  This is our happy place during some of our exercise time.  Maggie loves getting out early enough, watching the sun rise from the horizon and feeling the warmth of the early morning sun.  Then there are the wonderful benefits of negative ions generated by the sea.  A Columbia University showed it to be a natural type of antidepressant; it also increases the flow of oxygen to the brain, reduces allergies, and helps us get a wonderful night sleep. 
Our Garmin has also made it so easy to WANT to exercise and get in shape. It is one of the things that drives us every day. We want to hit our goals and we get excited to get out bed in the morning and start moving. We LOVE seeing those smiling faces on Garmin dashboard at the end of the day, and we look forward to weighing ourselves every morning. We LOVE watching the kilos drop off and the feeling of loose clothing — clothes we couldn’t fit into before!
You don’t have to use a Garmin or FitBit, but finding ways to make exercise fun and you will want to do it as often as possible. Our Garmin’s just makes it easy and fun as we challenge each other and ourselves..

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