Saturday, October 8, 2016

Finding the fun in healthy eating rather than experiencing the pain of poor eating

We are eating a primarily plant-based diet focused around whole, fresh foods. These are the foods full of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and all the energy we need to live our lives. We never feel deprived – we eat what we want and that’s mostly just whole foods prepared in simple and delicious ways.  We are finding the fun in healthy eating rather than experiencing the pain of poor eating. Anyone who believes eating healthy is no fun does not really understand how to eat healthy. 
Maggie’s choice to eat plant-based is an ethical one and Becki’s is more a health one, but we also love how a plant-based diet makes us feel. Day to day, our diet consists of vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, some grains like chia, oats, brown rice and quinoa and some beans and lentils.
We are not on a diet and we are certainly not counting calories or worrying about our weight. Maintaining a healthy body weight is just a by-product of eating foods that are good for you. We are eating for health and happiness and real food makes us happy! This is a new lifestyle for us and we are very passionate about it.
We love cooking healthy meals at home, full of every colour in the rainbow. We enjoy experimenting with recipes, new foods, herbs and flavours. We love how amazing a healthy diet can make us feel inside and out. We now have so much energy and know it’s because we are fuelling our body with healthy, whole foods!
We feel very, very fortunate that we have the choice to eat the way we do with access to fresh, seasonal and local produce, farmers markets and health food stores. We have plenty of everything we need, every day. Why would we eat any other way when we have access to all this beautiful, real food?  

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