Thursday, October 6, 2016

Eating Healthy is FUN!!

Anyone who believes eating healthy is no fun does not really understand how to eat healthy. They believe starvation and deprivation is the only way to eat healthy and lose weight. In fact, both starvation and deprivation are unhealthy, and should never be a way of eating.

My definition of healthy eating is eating food that is enjoyable to me in the quantity that is good for me.

Where is the fun in healthy eating?
  • We are discovering the large array of food that is colourful, seasonal, enjoyable and healthy. 
  • We no longer suffer with the over full feeling. 
  • We have lost weight and now control and manage our body weight. 
  • We are in control of our food, and food is not in control of is. 
  • We are enjoying better health as our bodies are nourished. 
  • We are experiencing increased energy, leading to improved achievements. 
  • The chances of ill-health consequences have diminished and we no longer take medications to regulate blood pressure and cholesterol. 
  • Adding quality of life to our years. 
  • It has improved our mood. 
  • We are more socially and physically active. 
  • Our appearance and outlook on life continues to improve. 

How can we use our experience to help others? By being a good example and encourager and continue blogging our journey that being healthy is fun. Passing on the message and keeping the plant-based lifestyle movement going. We are fully committed and will continue to share our journey. All the benefits of a plant-based diet are too good not share and we would love everyone to experience improved health, weight loss while reducing our carbon footprint. We will lead by example and try not to preach.

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